First MWM Advertising Brochure for Gas Engines of the RH Type

Growing Demand for High-Performance Gas Engines


In 1930, about 10 years after the invention of the compressorless diesel engine, MWM already had a very extensive range of diesel engines from 8 to 1350 hp. These MWM diesel engines were suitable for stationary diesel plants, ship propulsion, and mobile use, e.g. in locomotives. Since gas generation was still very popular in many areas, especially in the municipal sector, it made sense to modify existing engine designs and use them for operation with illuminating or suction gas. From the time with Benz & Cie., MWM had extensive experience in designing gas engines.

Thus, MWM offered gas engines of the RH type (crude oil gas type) with an output of 5 to 1200 hp and, some time later, diesel-gas dual-fuel engines with a similar output. The structure of the diesel engines with large machine parts, the powertrain and the control were retained in the gas engine design. The crude oil fuel pumps and injection valves were replaced with air-gas mixing valves and electric ignition starters. As with diesel engines, the gas engines of the “RH” type were started with air from a special compressor. The requirements for the handling and maintenance of the gas engines also remained the same.


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Image: Norbert Eisinger