MWM Logo on the Roof of Mannheim’s Oldest High-Rise Building

1961 MWM Firmenzeichen auf Hochhaus

Installation of the MWM Sign at a Height of 43 Meters

MWM Logo on the Roof of Mannheim's Oldest High-Rise Building

The MWM logo that was set up on the building of the Shipping and Port Authority on the banks of the Rhine in Mannheim in 1961 had an impressive weight of 8 t, a height of more than 3 m, and a length of about 12 m. A crane designed especially for this purpose was required to lift the impressive logo with the letters “MWM” onto the roof of the high-rise building. It took about 10 hours to set up the MWM logo. Installed at a height of 43 meters, the illuminated MWM logo was visible by day and by night from ships sailing upstream or downstream. The MWM logo also symbolized the relationship of Motorenwerke Mannheim with the shipping industry. The logo continued to shine above the roofs of Mannheim for 25 years until it was dismantled by Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD), the new owners of Motorenwerke Mannheim, in 1986.


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