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Aidan-TurnbullA Special MWM Moment of Aidan Turnbull

I experienced my positive moments with MWM as a busy editor of seven international energy magazines through the varied “prism” of my interactions with Frank Fuhrmann and Aljoscha Kertesz as MWM staff. This experience has spanned some 14 years.

High praise! For a journalist, working with MWM is definitely a real “quality experience” that is second to none. Good magazines need good topics for their readers. I have often turned to Frank and Aljoscha for technical articles on MWM engines and concepts. Never have they failed, but they have provided excellent and insightful articles covering activities on almost every continent in the world. Their understanding of the dynamics of the international energy market is truly unparalleled.

Great compliment! Their English grammar was often better than my own. And their humour is also extraordinary “Germans have no sense of humour”, they say. Nonsense! On a personal level, they have debunked this falsehood. Both have often made me laugh with their incisive and humorous insights. So, I realise that all of you in the country probably have a highly developed sense of humour and we Brits lag behind! Well, maybe that’s a bit of an humorous exaggeration.

If MWM has two highly qualified and energetic people like the two, I am sure that the company will capture an even larger share of the global engine/energy market in the next decade and well into the future through quality in media relations.


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