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Successful Work as a Service Manager for Indonesian Power Supply

Hamburg-Express-Rainer-Fricke A Special MWM Moment of Rainer Fricke

Back in the Deutz/MWM days, I worked as a Service Manager for all Deutz and MWM engines in Southeast Asia, Australia, Samoa (BV 640 engines), and so on.
I experienced my first diesel engines in Indonesia. For the first time, they were equipped with Heinzmann electronic controls, and all engines were delivered with 4 percent speed droop. However, the customer needed 0 percent, i.e. he needed the same speed in idling operation. The engines were distributed over 19 Indonesian islands. The people there needed uninterruptible power for services such as telephone, TV, and mail.

Initially, a consulting meeting was held with Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN). This Indonesian government company’s task is to supply the Indonesian population with power.

At the meeting, I had a slightly embarrassing experience. As the newly appointed Service Manager, I introduced the work meeting with the memorandum:

Mr. Rainer Fricke, Manager MWM
Mr. Suharto, Tamu, PLN
Mr. Rudyanto, Tamu, PLN
Mr. Wahidi, Tamu, PLN, etc.

Interestingly, all Indonesian participants carried a badge reading “Tamu”. Not knowing the meaning of the word, I asked: “Are you all brothers and sisters?” My question was met with roaring laughter. The answer: “Look at your badge.” Oh, it also reads “Tamu”. It turns out the word simply means “guest” in the vernacular. The questions concerning the electronics were quickly resolved. I said: “I’m going to fly with Garuda Indonesia and trust in the pilot, and you trust in the German electronics, OK?”

With the help of my laptop, I adjusted the engines on 19 islands to 0 percent speed droop. For the people there, it was strange to see a 6’2″ guy working on the engine with a laptop. Thus, every engine adjustment was a major event on site, often accompanied by a large village gathering.


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