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Original Spare Part MWM Piston

MWM Original Pistons for MWM gas engines of the following series: TCG 2016, TCG 2020, TCG 2032, TCG 3016, TCG 3020, TBG 441, and TBG 632.

Original Spare Part MWM Prechamber Spark Plug

MWM Prechamber Spark Plug for MWM gas engines and MWM power generator sets of the following series: TCG 2016, TCG 2020, TCG 2032, TCG 3016, TCG 3020, TBG 441, and TBG 632

Logistics of Original MWM Spare Parts

Maximum performance, long useful life, custom-tailored service by experts, and shipping around the clock.

MWM Hydrogen Power: Use of Hydrogen as Clean Fuel for MWM Gas Engines and Cogeneration Power Plants

In the context of the energy transition, hydrogen is considered to be a key instrument to achieve climate neutrality. MWM gas engines and cogeneration power plants are already capable of operating with a hydrogen admixture of 10 percent without any technical modifications. With the new gas engines or retrofit kits, it will even be possible to use fuel with a hydrogen content of up to 25 percent.

MWM Hydrogen Power

MWM gas engines and hydrogen: The way to climate-friendly energy production.

MWM Introduces Generator Sets Capable of 25% Hydrogen Blends

MWM will launch commercially available power generation solutions from 400 kW to 4.5 MW that can be configured to operate on natural gas blended with up to 25% hydrogen.

MWM Spain Receives Contract for Operation and Maintenance of 10 MWM TCG 2032 V16 Gas Engines of Utility Provider Iberdrola

In March 2020, MWM Spain received an order for the operation and maintenance of 10 MWM TCG 2032 V16 gas engines in Spain. The gas gensets support the utility provider Iberdrola’s goal of eventually becoming carbon-neutral.

Visionary Green Energy Project in Rwanda: 76-MW Power Plant with 19 MWM TCG 2032B V16 Gas Engines

Lake Kivu in Rwanda provides ideal conditions for an unusual energy project. Using the methane from the lake, the 19 MWM TCG 2032B V16 gas engines of the newly built plant will be able to produce energy and supply the central African country with heat and power for 50 years.

Modernization of CHP Plant in Polish Coal Mine: MWM TCG 2032 V16 Gas Engines Generate Energy from Mine Gas

The Polish MWM distributor Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej CES Sp. z o.o modernizes the CHP plant of the energy company PGNiG TERMIKA Energetyka przemysłowa S.A.. The two MWM TCG 2032 V16 gas engines that are going to be installed will generate energy from methane extracted from mine gas.

Gas Engine TCG 2032

High reliability. Low operating costs. Gas types: natural gas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas, coke oven gas. Mainly used in large IPP projects with up to 100 MWel.