Dwindling supply of crude oil

Early efforts at MWM to find solutions for alternative fuels

Letter to operator of oil millBeginning in 1939, the supply of crude oil became increasingly problematic. Therefore, MWM soon started advising customers on the use of other suitable fuels. A direct letter was sent to buyers of small diesel engines to inform them about the possibilities of using alternative fuels. MWM offered conversion kits to turn the KD diesel engine into a gas engine (mainly for wood gas or coal gas). Alternatively, the company offered to replace the KD diesel engine with a gas engine produced in Munich (TG 15-Z).

Conversion to coal gas or the use of a gas generator was an option for stationary KD diesel engines (e.g. in mill drives or industrial facilities).

For mobile KD diesel engine applications (e.g. in tractors), the use of a gas generator was recommended for the production of gases such as wood gas. Most German tractor manufacturers were quick to introduce tractors for wood gas operation to the market.

MWM Tractor with wood gasifier and MWM Suedbremse TG-15-Z Gas engine


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Image 1: Letter to the operator of an oil mill
Image 2: Tractor with wood gasifier and MWM Südbremse TG 15-Z gas engine
Image 3: KG 15-Z gas engine converted from KD 15-Z diesel engine