From Mannheim to Bangladesh (Part 2)

60 MW Around the World

A Special Cinema Event and the Bestowal of the Renowned SILVER Award

60 MWM Around the World FilmposterA special MWM moment from Frank Fuhrmann
After several months of preparation, the day had come for the premiere of “60 MW Around the World”. A selected group of decision-makers and colleagues from related functions received cinema tickets that I had especially designed for the event, and a small number of film posters were put up in the room to be used as a movie theater. Of course, the audience was served popcorn and coke, just like in a real cinema. The theater was bristling with anticipation. When the video ended, there was great applause—and I was so relieved, because nobody in the company had viewed or approved any intermediate results. I had prepared all of this without telling anybody.

The release of this video also marked the launch of MWM’s YouTube channel. As of 2022, “60 MW Around the World” has already been clicked some 2.7 million times—a remarkable accomplishment that almost smells of pop art. What is more, in May 2010, our production won the coveted SILVER award of the WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg. At the beginning of the project, nobody had expected that the response would be so overwhelming. This is just one of the many beautiful moments I have experienced with MWM!

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Video “60 MW Around the World”

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