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Caterpillar Energy Solutions Shortlisted for German Business Communication Award 2024 with “100 Years of MWM Brand” Campaign

With its “100 Years of MWM Brand” campaign, Caterpillar Energy Solutions has been shortlisted for the German Business Communication Award (DPWK) in the “Event Communication” category.

25th WorldMediaFestivals: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Again Wins Intermedia-Globe SILVER Award

With its “MWM flow films”, Caterpillar Energy Solutions again won the intermedia-globe Silver award at the 25th WorldMediaFestivals. The videos were developed and produced in collaboration with the event and film agency Motionplan.

Cogeneration Power Plant Ranking 2022: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Records Strong Exports with the MWM Brand Despite Declining Demand in Germany

The cogeneration power plant ranking of “Energie & Management” magazine for 2022 (issue 11/2023) reveals opposing trends for companies’ domestic and international performance. With its MWM brand, Caterpillar Energy Solutions especially stands out with high exports.

MWM Campaign “150th Anniversary—150 Years of Continuous Innovation” among Industry Winners of DPOK 2023

At the DPOK 2023 awards ceremony, Caterpillar Energy Solutions reached the third place in the “Industry & Engineering” category with its MWM campaign on the occasion of the company’s 150th anniversary.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Shortlisted for DPOK Award with MWM Brand Campaign “150th Anniversary—150 Years of Continuous Innovation”

With its campaign for the 150th company anniversary, the MWM brand is among the top 5 in the “Industry & Engineering” category.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions to Present Trend-Setting Power Plant Solutions under the MWM Brand at the BHKW 2023 in Cologne, Germany

On May 9 and 10, the experts of the cogeneration power plant industry will come together at the BHKW 2023, the 20th annual cogeneration power plant convention. At the industry event, Caterpillar Energy Solutions will present MWM gas engines and complete solutions for distributed energy supply.

MWM Wins Top Ratings in Survey: End Customers Praise Competence, Reliability, and Efficiency of MWM Service Centers and MWM Subsidiaries in Europe

The results of the MWM End Customer Survey 2022 reveal a generally high level of satisfaction with MWM products and services. Of the end customers interviewed, 98 percent recommend the work of the MWM Service Centers and of the MWM subsidiaries in Europe.

Flexible Cogeneration Power Plant for Cutting-Edge Painting Facility: OTTO FUCHS KG Generates Energy with MWM TCG 2020 V12 Gas Engine

OTTO FUCHS KG, an international manufacturer in the metal processing industry, has commissioned a new flex cogeneration power plant for the surface center in Meinerzhagen, Germany. The cogeneration power plant is driven by an MWM TCG 2020 V12 gas engine that delivers heat and power in accordance with the needs of the factory’s shifts.