A Rarity on Lake Constance

MWM Motorhorse Comes Back to Life


The “Auto & Traktor Museum” (Car & Tractor Museum) in Uhldingen-Mühlenhofen-Gebhardsweiler on Lake Constance had some large tractor parts. It turned out that these parts belonged to an MWM motorhorse built back in 1925. A copy of a spare parts list gave rise to the idea of restoring this interesting exhibit.

The experienced restorers Holger Völkel and Bernd Handke were asked to bring the old tractor back to life. Bernd Handke took care of the RH 18-Z engine. His expertise was required, as some engine parts had to be fixed, and others had to be built from scratch. Holker Vögel restored the tractor frame and rebuilt some of the superstructures according to the existing documents.

The restoration of the MWM motorhorse was successfully completed in 2013, after which the motorhorse was handed over to the museum to its great delight. Since then, the MWM motorhorse has been on display at the museum. From time to time, it is also displayed or presented at exhibitions and tractor events, where it attracts the attention of fans of old technology.


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Photograph 1: The restored MWM motorhorse of 1925 and the restoration crew
Photograph 2: MWM motorhorse at the Tractor & Car Museum on Lake Constance