Installation of a Large MWM Engine in “Minna Horn”

Between Germany and the Caribbean

Petra Kupka
In the 1920s, the first and most likely only large MWM diesel engine of the type DS100-S was installed in the freighter “Minna Horn” and delivered to Central America for use by the Flensburg-based shipping company H. C. Horn. Before it was shipped and installed, the engine was subjected to two test runs. The engine delivered 1,600 hp at 120 rpm and weighed about 175,000 kg. Prior to the conversion, some 50 passengers were able to travel on the freighter until 1930. The combined freighter sailed between Germany and the Caribbean until 1938.


MWM History. Future Needs Tradition.

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Performance of MWM Ship Diesel Engines Boosted

Thanks to the improved performance of the MWM ship diesel engines in 1961, the ship propellers reached speeds of up to 500 rpm.

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MWM Supplies Five Power Generator Sets for Cruise Ship "MS Europa"

With its smart concept for mounting five MWM diesel engines on the cruise ship “MS Europa”, MWM prevailed over national and international competitors in 1980.

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Ship Engine Restored After 65 Years

In 2018, an accident ended the service life of the motor cargo ship “Glück-Auf”, built in 1932. In 1956, the shipping company Götz KG in Neckarsteinach had purchased the MWM RH 335-SU ship engine (310 hp/500 rpm) to replace the previous engine.

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New DEUTZ MWM Ship Engine for German Sail Training Ship "Gorch Fock"

In 1990/91, the German sail training ship “Gorch Fock” was remotorized with a DEUTZ MWM ship engine and three auxiliary engines in order to improve maneuverability.

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