Launch of MWM RS Diesel Engine Series

MWM Expands Product Portfolio

Interpreting in the workshop requires full physical involvement (TCG 2032 training, 2013).
In the 1920s, MWM delivered a fast-running variant in order to offer a lighter alternative to the MWM RH diesel engines for yachts, speed boats, locomotives, and railcars. The new series was designed and implemented according to the proven RH (Rohöl-Hochdruck = crude-oil high-pressure) technology and named “RS” (Rohöl-Schnellläufer = crude-oil fast runner). Following the initial models with a piston stroke of 200 to 300 mm, RS engines with a piston stroke of up to 430 mm were added. This new offering resulted in an expansion of the MWM portfolio and of the range of MWM customers.


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