MWM Launches Production of Generator Sets with Diesel Engines

Publication of Brochures in Four Languages

NotstromanlageIn 1937, MWM launched the production of its first range of generator sets with diesel engines. The generator sets were built to order and assembled at various locations in the factory. The lineup was published in a brochure that was printed in German and three other languages including French.

Back then, the factory did not have any dedicated area for the production of generator sets. Though the production of generator sets in the Stationary Engine Building department had been an important business area even back in the Benz & Cie. era, MWM did not have any organization that addressed this product segment and was thus unable to ensure efficient costing and pricing of the generator sets. This did not change even when the Stationary Engine Building department became independent under the name MWM in 1922. At MWM, genset production was a niche area and remained so for many years. Starting from 1955, the production of generator sets became an important source of revenue for the factory. Eventually, a dedicated organizational structure was established for this product segment. A special assembly location for generator sets was first set up in 1962.


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