New DEUTZ MWM Ship Engine for German Sail Training Ship “Gorch Fock”


Improved Maneuverability and Performance

TBD-Dieselmotor-bei-der-MontageThe German marine’s sail training ship “Gorch Fock”, sometimes also called “Gorch Fock II”, has been in service since 1958. Today, the “Gorch Fock I” is moored in Stralsund’s museum harbor. In winter 1990/91, the “Gorch Fock II” was equipped with a new DEUTZ MWM ship engine of the type SBV6M628 in order to increase the performance and maneuverability of the sail training ship. Thanks to the DEUTZ MWM engine, whose six-cylinder version has an output of 1,220 kW, the performance was doubled compared to the replaced main engine. With the DEUTZ MWM engine, the “Gorch Fock” is able to maneuver safely and speedily even in more difficult waters and heavy seas. The new propulsion engine was mounted through the hull, which was cut open at the side. Apart from the propulsion system, the ship’s power generation system was modernized as well. For this purpose, the “Gorch Fock” was equipped with three DEUTZ MWM 234 on-board generator sets with six-cylinder engines of the 234 series. Each of these generator sets delivers 185 kW to the on-board grid, more than doubling the available power of the on-board grid.


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