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MWM service tutorial video series “Do it the smart way”: Episode 7 shows combustion chamber temperature sensor replacement on gas engine

Episode 7 of the MWM service tutorial video series “Do it the smart way” provides instructions for replacing the combustion chamber temperature sensor on the MWM gas engine.

Original Spare Part – MWM Cylinder Head

Original MWM cylinder heads for MWM gas engines and MWM power generator sets of the following series: TCG 2016, TCG 2020, TCG 2032, TCG 3016, TCG 3020, TBG 441, and TBG 632

Pretty Hot! MWM Gas Engines Keep Homes Warm in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

MWM solutions provider İltekno has implemented another cogeneration project with MWM gas engines in Uzbekistan. To supply heat and power to the district of Chilanzar, İltekno has installed two MWM TCG 3020 V20 gas engines for the energy company JSC Thermal Power Plants.

Modernization of a Municipal Boiler House in Poland: MWM TCG 3016 Gas Engine Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions

In a Polish district heating power plant in Szydłowiec, an MWM TCG 3016 V16 gas engine generates heat and electricity, which is fed into the public grid.

Five questions for Dmytro Isachenko, Founder and General Manager of Interenergo, Ukraine

MWM gas engines have been running in Ukraine for more than 20 years. During the “ReBuild Ukraine” exhibition held in Warsaw in November 2023, we were able to discuss the current opportunities and difficulties of the Ukrainian energy market with Dmytro Isachenko, General Manager of the MWM service provider Interenergo, which has been rolling out energy projects in Ukraine since 2005.

Energie & Management magazine named the Cogeneration Power Plant (CHP Plant) of Stadtwerke Duisburg the “CHP Plant of the Month” for November 2023

The highly flexible CHP plant uses seven MWM gas engines to produce heat and power for the city’s energy and district heating supply, supporting up to 68,000 households.

MWM service tutorial video series “Do it the smart way”: Episode six shows how to check valve recession on gas engine

The sixth episode of the MWM service tutorial “Do it the smart way” zooms in on the measurement of the valve recession on the MWM gas engine.

“Cogeneration power plant of the month” of October: New plant at Funkerberg Technology Park uses MWM gas engines to generate energy for up to 5,000 households

The Funkerberg cogeneration power plant in Königs Wusterhausen in the German state of Brandenburg—which was designated “cogeneration power plant of the month” by “Energie & Management” magazine—uses two MWM TCG 2020 V12 gas engines to produce heat and electricity for the connected households. Henceforth, previously unused exhaust heat is to be fed in via the cogeneration power plant and distributed to the city area via a supply route.

Global Exporter Gommans Flowers (NL) Produces Heat, Power, and Fertilizer for Greenhouse Complex with MWM Gas Engines Using Cogeneration

MWM Benelux B.V. has installed an MWM TCG 3016 V16 gas engine for the Dutch horticultural company Gommans Flowers. Using cogeneration (combined heat and power generation), the engine delivers heat, power, and fertilizer for optimum plant growth in a greenhouse complex.

Leading Nigerian Plastics Manufacturer Panar Group of Companies Uses MWM TCG 3020 V16 Gas Engine in Factory Cogeneration Power Plant

In early 2023, an MWM TCG 3020 V16 gas engine was installed for the Nigerian plastics manufacturer Panar Group of Companies. Together with an MWM TCG 2020 V12 K1 gas engine, the new engine generates energy for the company’s production processes.

Modernization of Heating System in Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic: Company TEDOM Enables Reliable Heat Supply with New TCG 3016 V12

In 2021, company TEDOM installed a packaged TCG 3016 V12 as part of a modernization program of the district heating system in the city of Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic. Since then, the generator set has been operating successfully for 12 to 16 hours a day in winter and about 6 hours a day in summer. Cogeneration enables the flexible generation of energy according to the consumer demand, saving fuel and resources.

MWM Distributor İltekno Signs Solutions Provider Agreement for Uzbekistan

Turkish EPC contractor and MWM distributor İltekno has been active in Uzbekistan for many years and is known especially for the construction and commissioning of Uzbekistan’s first cogeneration power plant with gas engines in 2019. On July 26, 2023, delegates of Caterpillar Energy Solutions, MWM, and İltekno met at the headquarters in Istanbul to sign an MWM Solutions Provider agreement for Uzbekistan, expanding and deepening the successful partnership that started 21 years ago.

MWM Service Tutorial Video Series “Do it the smart way”: Episode 5 Demonstrates Lube Oil Replacement for Gas Engines

The fifth episode of the MWM service tutorial “Do it the smart way” features tips and tricks for the hassle-free replacement of lube oil in MWM gas engines.

Recycling Plant in Poland: MWM TCG 2016 V16 Gas Engine Runs 100,000 Operating Hours at Full Power

At a waste recycling plant in Poland, an MWM TCG 2016 V16 gas engine completed a total of 100,000 operating hours without any unexpected outages.

Promotion of Biodiversity and Energy Generation with Biogas Plants: Launch of the Biodiversity Week 2023 of the German Biogas Association

As a member of the German Biogas Association, MWM supports the conservation of biodiversity with the Biodiversity Week under the motto #blühendesLeben (“blooming life”). The fields offer endangered insects habitat and can be used for sustainable energy generation in biogas plants.

New 2-MW Biogas Plant with Two MWM TCG 2020 V12 Gas Engines in North Macedonia Supplies 4,000 Households with Energy

The newly installed biogas plant in Lozovo, North Macedonia, with its two TCG 2020 V12 gas engines is able to supply approximately 4,000 households with electrical energy. The MWM gas engines used for this project were delivered in their highly efficient 1-MW variant. Fueled exclusively with renewables and organic waste, the engines also deliver 2.1 MW of thermal energy.

Three MWM Gas Engines Generate Heat and Power for Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL), Indian Manufacturer of Industrial Coolants

To ensure hassle-free production processes and efficient energy generation, the Indian MWM distributor Green Power International Pvt. Ltd. has performed comprehensive maintenance work on the power plant of the industrial coolant manufacturer Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL), which runs with three MWM gas engines.

MWM Service Tutorial Video Series “Do it the smart way”: Episode 4 Shows TPEM Data Export

The fourth episode of the MWM service tutorial video series entitled “Do it the smart way” shows how to perform TPEM data exports.

MWM Service Tutorial Video Series “Do it the smart way”: Episode 3 Explains TPEM Auxiliary Drive Test

The third episode of the MWM service tutorial video series entitled “Do it the smart way” features tips and tricks for TPEM auxiliary drive tests.

MWM Wins Top Ratings in Survey: End Customers Praise Competence, Reliability, and Efficiency of MWM Service Centers and MWM Subsidiaries in Europe

The results of the MWM End Customer Survey 2022 reveal a generally high level of satisfaction with MWM products and services. Of the end customers interviewed, 98 percent recommend the work of the MWM Service Centers and of the MWM subsidiaries in Europe.

Logistics of Original MWM Spare Parts

Maximum performance, long useful life, custom-tailored service by experts, and shipping around the clock.

Energy Center and Design Object: MWM Distributor Edina Delivers Third MWM Gas Engine for Power Supply of University of York

MWM distributor Edina has installed its third combined heat and power plant for the University of York. The MWM TCG 3020 V20, which sits in an unusual container, generates power for the campus and the university buildings.

New Variant of TCG 3020 Series with 2 MW Electrical Output

With its versatile MWM TCG 3020 V20 (2MW) gas engine, MWM expands its lineup of generator sets, offering customers a unit that delivers high efficiency under maximum performance in the 2 MW segment.