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18.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

Large order: MWM cogeneration power plant for Cologne-Stammheim sewage treatment plant

Apart from powering a wide range of technical applications, MWM engines contribute to environmental protection by saving energy and supporting different energy sources.

Typenschild eines MWM Oldtimer Motors Typ GS13V
18.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

Moving history of a vintage engine

After more than 60 years, a privately owned MWM GS13V engine is still fully functional. The engine was built by Süddeutsche Bremsen AG in Munich and later came to a company called Stoll in Reutlingen.

26.10.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM heat pump for single-family and two-family homes

Energy-saving heat pumps for single-family and two-family homes are not a new topic. The oil crisis in the 1970s had already raised awareness of more economical energy consumption.

26.10.2023 | Armin Schmid

Successful Conversion with MWM TD 226B-4 Diesel Engine

The installation of an MWM TD 226B-4 diesel engine in an American Ford F-250 pickup truck was successful. So far, the vehicle has traveled almost 340,000 miles.

07.08.2023 | Armin Schmid

Sales Engineer’s “Innocent” Move Proves Successful

In a tender process, Saudi Electricity Corporation wanted to buy three diesel generator sets, each with a capacity of 5 MW. Initially, our offer was based on a fundament solution with spring packs between the fundament plate and the generator set fundament.

Peter Körner
07.08.2023 | Jana Krause

Encounters with Enthusiasm

My moments had to do with the enthusiasm with which various people spoke of MWM. Three experiences still fascinate me when they come to my mind.

14.07.2023 | Armin Schmid

“Moments” to Bring Light into the Darkness

In 1985, an MWM RS 127 S twin engine system was shown in a presentation to KHD AG. However, we have not (yet) been able to find out what the system was used for.

Dr. Fernando Cantú
07.07.2023 | Armin Schmid

Synergy Was Not a Matter of Course

When I read the internal Caterpillar news about the takeover of the traditional Mannheim-based company, I suddenly thought to myself: “How cool it would be to actively participate in the integration of this company!”

05.07.2023 | Armin Schmid

Still Powerful Many Decades Later

In 2005, a group of IGHM members visited the Niederfinow Boat Lift, which had commenced operations in 1934, and the associated historical MWM diesel power plant. The unique facility still exists.

13.06.2023 | Armin Schmid

Tracking Down Historical Combustion Engines in the USA

In 2015, Thomas Adam traveled through the USA, searching for known and unknown combustion engines of historical interest. In the Coolspring Power Museum, he discovered a HoRo RI-24 high-pressure crude-oil engine with the type plate “Benz & Cie.”.

13.06.2023 | Armin Schmid

Key Developments in Germany and Abroad

Last year, Roland Henn celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company—a fine opportunity to reminisce about past years with all their events and highlights. An especially remarkable aspect was his development work on our large engine series.

13.06.2023 | Armin Schmid

A Rarity on Lake Constance

The MWM motorhorse of 1925, which was restored by Holger Völkel and Bernd Handke for the Car & Tractor Museum on Lake Constance, is a magnet for fans of legacy engine technology.

17.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

Meeting of Active and Former Employees

Many active and former members of the company attended the family party of the Mannheim-based traditional company. Even former sales managers from Germany and abroad accepted the invitation to Mannheim.

17.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

Luxury Shopping on Ibiza

The yacht business of DEUTZ MWM was exciting. While a Spanish lady’s yacht engine was being repaired under warranty, she went on a shopping spree on Ibiza, spending about $10,000 on luxury fashion.

05.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

Firmly Established in the Desert Sand

Three giant generator sets with an electrical output of 4,000 kW each were delivered to Saudi Arabia, a major feat. The huge units were moved by heavy transport to the Rhine port and subsequently overland from Jeddah.

05.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

Mysterious Blockage

Despite the higher performance of a new MWM main engine, the ship was unable to reach the intended speed. The cause was an incorrectly installed WC outlet pipe that was sucking air from the ship’s screw.

05.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

Sailing the Mediterranean with Two MWM Engines

For the propulsion of the excursion ship “Adriatica Princess III”, two MWM TBD 616 V16 engines with an output of 142 kW each were installed. For the maiden voyage, a test was carried out via wireless data transmission from Mannheim.

11.04.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Small Diesel Engine with “Birth Certificate”

When purchasing a small MWM diesel engine from an old oil mill, Roland Enderer also received a “birth certificate” documenting the purchase order, delivery, and installation.

11.04.2023 | Armin Schmid

Engine Enthusiasts Impressed

The engine enthusiasts of Interessengemeinschaft Historische Motoren (Interest Group Historical Engines) greatly enjoyed the tour of the plant. Norbert Eisinger reports about the memorable day.

11.04.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM: A Valuable Brand

On November 1, 2013, our company was renamed Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH. Nevertheless, the tradition-rich MWM brand was to be retained. On the occasion of the communication of the change, a pure silver medal was minted.

24.03.2023 | Armin Schmid

Generator Set Production Department Wins MWM Soccer Tournament

The world cup won by the German soccer team in Bern, Switzerland, in 1954 was doubtlessly one of the reasons why the colleagues in some departments decided to play soccer together.

17.03.2023 | Armin Schmid

Industry and Research Join Forces

By order of MWM, Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Fehrenbach, originally department head at the Fraunhofer Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany, and his team developed innovative engine monitoring hardware and software.

17.03.2023 | Armin Schmid

Controlling on Edge: Engineering Costs Not Considered?

In 1985, I had already been with the Hamburg office of MWM for three years. At the time, the company was working on the “Fleet Service Ships” project of the German marine. MWM was eager to get a contract for two engines and board generator sets.

17.03.2023 | Annika Duda

Strong Engines Make the World Go Round

Even though Daniel Bach now works on the procurement side, he is always happy to inspire suppliers for our MWM products with his many years of experience in sales.

10.03.2023 | Armin Schmid

Beer Production at Lofty Heights

Altiplano brewery Huari in Bolivia had placed an order for a new power generator set. The main issue was the altitude of 3,742 m, which would make the adjustment of the turbocharger tricky.

09.03.2023 | Armin Schmid

Tall White Man with Laptop Working on Engine

I experienced my first 616 diesel engines in Indonesia, where I worked as a Service Manager for all Deutz and MWM engines for Southeast Asia.

09.03.2023 | Armin Schmid

Ship Engine Restored After 65 Years

In 2018, an accident ended the service life of the motor cargo ship “Glück-Auf”, built in 1932. In 1956, the shipping company Götz KG in Neckarsteinach had purchased the MWM RH 335-SU ship engine (310 hp/500 rpm) to replace the previous engine.

28.02.2023 | Armin Schmid

Eventful Company History on 100 Pages

Frank Fuhrmann’s invitation to cooperate in the preparation of a book about the long corporate history of MWM was a challenge. The 100-page book was prepared over a period of about 15 months.

28.02.2023 | Armin Schmid

Exciting mission in Bordeaux

After more than four decades of working together, MWM is more than “just” a factory for Rolf Gruber. Here he talks about his special moment on the stern trawler “Commandant Gue”.

Komplizierte Rechtesicherung führte über den Libanon und Saudi-Arabien
13.02.2023 | Robin Schmid

86 years after brand foundation: Domain finally in the right hands

In his special moment with the MWM brand, Martin Küchenthal tells of the adventurous retrieval of the domain, which is used today as a matter of course.

Warm welcome for the intern
10.02.2023 | Robin Schmid

Warm welcome for the intern

All I can say is: “Jackpot- everything positive!” Belma Sujkovic on the experience she gained during her internship in the MWM marketing department.

10.02.2023 | Armin Schmid

On the Road to Success with Color Slides

In 1987, young engineer Heinrich Baas proudly presented eco-compatible, efficient energy applications with Deutz MWM gas engines and industry gas turbines in Bonn, the then-capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hubert Hitziger
30.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

Neckermann Shows the Way

Following the takeover of MWM by Klöckner Humboldt Deutz, the foundation for the successful MWM building program was laid in the 1990s—with the help of a Neckermann catalog.

23.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

Watermelons in the Desert

In August 1975, Norbert Eisinger inspected to inspect the construction site for a large power station for the oasis town Ghadames in Libya, about 600 km southwest of Tripoli.

23.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

Staying Close to “Our Company”

For more than 30 years, active and former secretaries have been coming together for the legendary secretaries’ meeting. Ingrid Rosner has been there from the beginning.

Petra Kupka
23.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

From Visitor Pass to Time Card

Petra Kupka, former interpreter and coach for business English, talks about emotional moments and her long awaited “coming home” to the MWM Training Center in Mannheim, Germany.

09.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

Performance Boost in Tractor Engines

A good idea and its successful implementation enables a performance increase of MWM engines for use in farm tractors.

09.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

Lucky Strike: A 1925 MWM Motorhorse

Vintage tractor enthusiast Edgar Pohl talks about the discovery and restoration of an MWM motorhorse manufactured in 1925.

MWM Austria
09.01.2023 | Jana Krause

Fund-raising Campaign of MWM Austria

To support the family of an MWM employee affected by the earthquake in Nepal, MWM Austria started a fund-raising campaign.

MWM RH18 Motor
22.12.2022 | Jana Krause

Tracks of Enthusiasm

In his MWM moment, Georg Hitpass, Team Lead Communications and Training Center Sales Manager at Caterpillar Energy Solutions talks about his special memories of his work for the traditional brand.

60 MW Around the World
22.12.2022 | Jana Krause

From Mannheim to Bangladesh (Part 2)

The film “60 MW Around the World” not only delighted the cinema audience when it was first shown in 2009, it has also recorded an impressive result of around 2.7 million clicks on the MWM YouTube channel to date.

Frank Fuhrmann
14.12.2022 | Jana Krause

From Mannheim to Bangladesh (Part 1)

In his special MWM moment, Frank Fuhrmann, Manager Communications at Caterpillar Energy Solutions, reports on the production of the video “60 MW Around the World” – around 16,000 kilometers were covered for the realization of the film project.