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Norbert Eisinger
20.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

Acknowledgments to “MWM Veteran” Norbert Eisinger

In recognition and thanks to our esteemed colleague and MWM expert Norbert Eisinger.

20.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Benz RH 40 diesel engines made in the USA

In 1925, the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company in Franklin, Pennsylvania, acquired the license to build MWM Benz RH 40 diesel engines. An instruction manual with spare parts list prepared by CP in 1927 shows the enormous effort made for this product.

20.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM diesel engines for Count von Luckner’s sailing ships

In 1926 and 1930, corvette captain Count Felix von Luckner, known as the “Sea Devil”, sent the company telegrams praising the MWM propulsion engines of his sailing ships “Vaterland” and “Mopelia”.

20.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

Unveiling of successor to MWM motorhorse

MWM sold about 500 units of its “motorhorse”, the world’s first tractor with a diesel engine, in five successive versions from 1924 to 1932. For strategic reasons, the company management suddenly halted the follow-up project of a new tractor for agricultural and industrial use.

20.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

Dwindling supply of crude oil

Beginning in 1939, the supply of crude oil became problematic. Therefore, MWM soon started advising customers on the use of other suitable fuels. A direct letter was sent to buyers of small diesel engines to inform them about the possibilities of using alternative fuels.

20.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

Large machine tools from Mannheim

After 1945, the Berlin machine tool factory Hasse & Wrede was expropriated and dismantled by the Soviets. The Russian blockade of Berlin in 1948 was the reason to try a new start in Munich and Mannheim. MWM was able to provide space and production capacity.

20.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM amazes experts with ASA all-wheel-drive tractor

The 22-hp KD 215-Z diesel engine from the Mannheim plant was to drive the equal-size wheels of the ASA all-wheel drive tractor. However, MWM had not developed the prototype for mass production.

20.12.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM G 234 V8 – the first volume-produced gas engine with three-way catalytic converter

In 1985, the first volume-produced MWM cogeneration power plant with stoichiometric G 234 V8 gas engine and three-way catalytic converter went live at the indoor swimming pool of the Weinheim public utility provider. The gas engine was characterized by clean exhaust gases, and the entire cogeneration power plant stood out with its high degree of efficiency.

14.11.2023 | Armin Schmid

Milestone: MWM celebrates 100th brand anniversary

In 2022, MWM celebrated its 100th brand anniversary. In connection with this special occasion, MWM published a review of historical milestones and special moments of the last 100 years on its anniversary website.

31.10.2023 | Armin Schmid

Launch of MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM)

The launch of the Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) system by MWM represents the introduction of a new technology for the status monitoring of gas engines and CHP plants.

31.10.2023 | Armin Schmid

Launch of MWM SCR catalyst retrofit kit for gas engines

The MWM SCR catalyst retrofit kit for gas engines is a reliable complete solution that ensures compliance with the emission limits stipulated by the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV).

31.10.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM 150th anniversary campaign—DPOK 2023 industry winner

The Caterpillar Energy Solutions Family Day 2023 featured various exciting activities to participate in, guided tours, a play, and delicious BBQ treats.

31.10.2023 | Armin Schmid

Family Day at the Mannheim site

The Caterpillar Energy Solutions Family Day 2023 featured various exciting activities to participate in, guided tours, a play, and delicious BBQ treats.

31.10.2023 | Robin Schmid

MWM facilitates calculation of methane number for gas mixtures with computer program

A computer program developed by an MWM employee has paved the way for the calculation of the methane number of gas mixtures.

29.09.2023 | Robin Schmid

New X-Change Center opens in Spain

In 2012, MWM opened a new X-Change Center in Spain for the resource-friendly overhaul of gas engines.

26.09.2023 | Robin Schmid

MWM gas engines reach higher efficiency

In 2012, the efficiency and operating time of the MWM TCG 2032 engines reached even higher values.

26.09.2023 | Robin Schmid

MWM reaches first place in cogeneration power plant ranking of “Energie & Management” magazine

In 2012, “Energie & Management” magazine awarded MWM the first place in the cogeneration power plant ranking.

26.09.2023 | Robin Schmid

Launch of MWM TCG 3016 series and TPEM

MWM introduces two innovative products to the market, the MWM 3016 series and the digital control system TPEM.

26.09.2023 | Robin Schmid

Ongoing optimization of MWM gas engines yields new features

The fast ramp-up option for the TCG 2032 B V16 gas engines enables CHP plants to be started up even faster.

26.09.2023 | Robin Schmid

New MWM training workshop

In 2012, MWM effectively upgraded its training concept by opening a modern training workshop in Mannheim.

26.09.2023 | Robin Schmid

Restructuring measures and launch of new service products

MWM expands its product offer with the premium oils GMO 240 and 440 for optimum gas engine operation.

MWM Prüfstand
26.09.2023 | Jana Krause

3i acquires Deutz Power Systems

Following the sale to the UK investment company 3i Group PLC in 2007, MWM returned to its original name “MWM”.

Gasmotoren Baureihe
31.08.2023 | Jana Krause

Performance increase and renaming of MWM gas engine series

From 2009, the existing MWM gas engine series TBG 616, 620, and 632 were renamed to TCG 2016, TCG 2020, and TCG 2032. The new designations underlined the extensive performance improvements.

Querschnitt TBD 616
31.08.2023 | Armin Schmid

Development of DEUTZ MWM 616 High-Performance Diesel Engine Series

The year 1995 saw the introduction of high-performance diesel engines with high efficiency and low NOx emissions: the DEUTZ MWM 616 series.

31.07.2023 | Armin Schmid

632 Series Developed by DEUTZ MWM Elates at International Trade Fair

The new electronically controlled DEUTZ MWM 632 diesel engine series was showcased for the first time at the renowned “SMM” trade fair for the marine industry in Hamburg, Germany, in 1994.

31.07.2023 | Armin Schmid

New DEUTZ MWM Ship Engine for German Sail Training Ship “Gorch Fock”

In 1990/91, the German sail training ship “Gorch Fock” was remotorized with a DEUTZ MWM ship engine and three auxiliary engines in order to improve maneuverability.

31.07.2023 | Armin Schmid

Company Choirs of MWM and Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG Thrill Audience in Mannheim

In 1987, on the occasion of the takeover of Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G. and Süddeutsche Bremsen AG by Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD), the MWM and KHD choirs sang together at a celebration on the factory premises in Mannheim, Germany.

30.06.2023 | Armin Schmid

Low-Emission MWM Diesel Engines, Specialized for Underground Use

In the 1980s, MWM launched a series of low-emission MWM diesel engines designed especially for underground use. The units were very successful in the market.

30.06.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Supplies Five Power Generator Sets for Cruise Ship “MS Europa”

With its smart concept for mounting five MWM diesel engines on the cruise ship “MS Europa”, MWM prevailed over national and international competitors in 1980.

MWM Gasmotoren-Baureihe
30.06.2023 | Jana Krause

Strategic Focus on Gas Engines

In 2000, the decision was made to stop producing diesel engines and to limit the strategic focus to gas engines.

MWM 150 years of continuous innovation keyvisual
19.06.2023 | Jana Krause

150 Years of Continuous Innovation: MWM Celebrates 150th Anniversary

In 2021, MWM proudly celebrated its 150th anniversary with a number of special campaigns.

19.06.2023 | Jana Krause

Introduction of TEM System for MWM Gas Engines

Thanks to the new control and monitoring system TEM, all important functions of gas engines can be combined in a single electronic unit.

Deutz MWM KHD Logo
19.06.2023 | Jana Krause

Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG Acquires Engine Business of MWM and Südbremse-München

The acquisition of MWM by Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD) in 1985 resulted in major restructuring of the production programs and fields of responsibility.

Aus MWM GmbH wird Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH
19.06.2023 | Jana Krause

MWM GmbH Becomes Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH

In 2011, MWM GmbH was taken over by Caterpillar Inc. In 2013, MWM GmbH was renamed Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH.

19.06.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Gas Engines Ensure Clean Potable Water from Lake Constance

From 1972 to 1974, the energy required for cleaning and treating water in 10 sewage treatment plants around Lake Constance was generated by 14 MWM engines.

31.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Celebrates “100 Years of Engine Building in Mannheim”

On the night of the turn of 1879/80, Carl Benz successfully fired up his gas engine for the first time.

31.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

100th Anniversary of Carl Benz’s “Iron Foundry and Mechanical Workshop”

The year 1971 marked a special anniversary: By then, 100 years had passed since Carl Benz had founded his “Iron Foundry and Mechanical Workshop”.

31.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Power Generator Set Delivers Energy for “Helgoland” Underwater Lab

In 1969, an MWM power generator set was installed in a mobile maritime buoy in order to supply the “Helgoland” underwater lab with power.

31.05.2023 | Armin Schmid

On the Historical Tracks of Bertha Benz

In 1963, numerous vintage cars came together on the MWM premises in order to follow the historical route of Bertha Benz, which had been a key milestone in the history of the automobile.

Optimierte Leistung der MWM Schiffsdieselmotoren
28.04.2023 | Armin Schmid

Performance of MWM Ship Diesel Engines Boosted

Thanks to the improved performance of the MWM ship diesel engines in 1961, the ship propellers reached speeds of up to 500 rpm.

1961 MWM Firmenzeichen auf Hochhaus
28.04.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Logo on the Roof of Mannheim’s Oldest High-Rise Building

In 1961, an MWM logo was set up at a height of 43 meters on the roof of the State Shipping and Port Authority in Mannheim, Germany.

MWM Bauprogramm Gasmotoren mit Turbolader
28.04.2023 | Jana Krause

MWM Gas Engines Equipped with Turbochargers

From 1968, the MWM lineup included MWM gas engines with turbochargers.

MWM Broschüre Gleichdruck-Vorkammer-Verfahren
28.04.2023 | Jana Krause

Further Development of the Prechamber Technology for Diesel Engines

The MWM constant-pressure prechamber method that was newly developed in 1956 offered numerous benefits for the operation of diesel engines with different fuels with the same output and consumption.

Werkszeitschrift "WIR von den Werken der Knorr-Bremse"
30.03.2023 | Jana Krause

Establishment of the Company Magazine “WIR von den Werken der Knorr-Bremse”

1953 saw the release of the first issue of the newly established employee magazine “WIR von den Werken der Knorr-Bremse”.

Jubiläum 1000. Luftpresser
30.03.2023 | Jana Krause

Compressor Production Relocated to Mannheim

From 1949 to 1986, Motoren-Werke Mannheim designed, manufactured, tested, and sold various types of compressors for rail vehicles.

30.03.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Launches Production of Generator Sets with Diesel Engines

In the late 1930s, MWM launched the production of its first range of generator sets with diesel engines. The first advertising brochure for these products was published in four languages in 1937.

22.02.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Develops Small Diesel Engines in Record Time

In the 1930s, MWM developed small diesel engines in order to meet growing customer demands.

16.02.2023 | Armin Schmid

New Design for MWM RH Diesel Engines

In the 1930s, the proven MWM RH diesel engines were redesigned.

16.02.2023 | Armin Schmid

MWM Designs Its First Vehicle Engine

The development of MWM vehicle diesel engines opened the way for the use of MWM diesel engines in the trucks of many transport companies.

10.02.2023 | Armin Schmid

First MWM Advertising Brochure for Gas Engines of the RH Type

The MWM gas engines of the RH type were manufactured and modified on the basis of the design of the MWM diesel engines. The first MWM advertising brochure for RH gas engines was published in 1930.

10.02.2023 | Jana Krause

Renaming to “Carl-Benz-Strasse”

In honor of Carl Benz, two streets in Mannheim were renamed to “Carl-Benz-Strasse” (Carl-Benz-Street) in 1925.

31.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

Launch of MWM RS Diesel Engine Series

After the RH diesel engine series, MWM introduced the fast-running RS variant in 1928.

16.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

Installation of a Large MWM Engine in “Minna Horn”

A large MWM engine was supplied for a freighter.

16.01.2023 | Armin Schmid

Performance Boost in Tractor Engines

A good idea and its successful implementation enables a performance increase of MWM engines for use in farm tractors.

09.01.2023 | Jana Krause

Honored with the renowned Intermedia-Globe SILVER Award

MWM anniversary video from Caterpillar Energy Solutions convinces the international expert jury.

Olympische Spiele 1972
13.12.2022 | Jana Krause

MWM celebrates its 50th anniversary.

In 1972, 50 years after the Stationary Engine Building department had become the independent company Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G. in 1922, MWM celebrated the 50th anniversary of engine building in Mannheim.

Das erste MWM Motoren-Bauprogramm der Nachkriegsgeschichte entsteht
13.12.2022 | Jana Krause

Launch of the first post-war MWM engine building program

Following the destruction of the factory during the war, the salvaged engine components were stored. Starting from 1946, the factory was gradually rebuilt. Soon thereafter, RH engines were reconstructed, and an MWM engine building program was set up.

Ein „MWM Motorpferd“ zieht eine 250 Zentner schwereLokomotive durch die Innenstadt in Mannheim
13.12.2022 | Jana Krause

MWM motorhorse revolutionizes transportation

With its two-cylinder four-stroke prechamber diesel engine, the MWM motorhorse was the first product to demonstrate the performance and possibilities of the diesel engine in Germany. A total of 558 MWM motorhorses were produced and delivered from 1924 to 1931.

MWM Warenzeichen 1923
13.12.2022 | Jana Krause

MWM applies to Imperial Patent Office for trademark registration

In January 1923, Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G. applied to the Imperial Patent Office for registration of the trademark showing the now well-known abbreviation “MWM” along with a climbing iron in the background.

Motoren-Werke Mannheim Vertrag 1922
13.12.2022 | Jana Krause

Foundation of Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G.

On April 22, 1922, the sale of Benz & Cie.’s Stationary Engine Building department was finalized under a spin-off agreement. The new company operated under the name “Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G. vorm. Benz, Abt. stationärer Motorenbau”.