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MWM sales goes iPad

21.07.2014 | Mannheim

Sales presentations the easy way: with its new exhibition and sales app, MWM created a sensation with customers at the Hannover Industrial Trade Show.

Queens Award for CHP Partner

30.06.2014 | Mannheim

British MWM Partner EDINA receives the "Queens Award for Enterprise 2014". 

CHP in Industry

17.06.2014 | Mannheim

Own production of electricity – a profitable alternative for the future? A presentation by Jörg Richter, Business Development Manager at Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH

Trigeneration in the City of London

10.06.2014 | Mannheim

E.ON relies on MWM gas engines for trigeneration (CHPC) in London.

Caterpillar is founding member of EUGINE

04.06.2014 | Mannheim

The European association is the new mouthpiece to represent the interests of the engine power plant industry.

Container cogeneration plants planned for landfill gas system

23.05.2014 | Mannheim

Three MWM container cogeneration plants planned for landfill gas system in Northern Portugal. 

Karwendel-Werke save energy costs with MWM

06.05.2014 | Mannheim

“Exquisa” and “Miree” manufacturer has successfully implemented a CHP plant using MWM gas engines.

MWM Cogeneration Power Plants in Asia Pacific

28.04.2014 | Mannheim

MWM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and Acros Dynamic Pte Ltd conclude distribution agreement.

Online CHP plant maintenance

14.04.2014 | Mannheim

Remote access to plant control systems of cogeneration plants (CHP plants) with VPN router.

CHP amortization calculator unveiled

07.04.2014 | Mannheim

Calculate the profitability of investments in MWM cogeneration power plants and gas engines online.

New MWM connecting rod machining

02.04.2014 | Mannheim

Interview about investments in speed, precision and production technology of MWM'S connecting rod machining.

Jan Mattheis makes impressive showing at a young researchers competition

21.03.2014 | Mannheim

Up-and-coming mechatronics technicians at MWM and HD with their project "Energy-efficient engine cooling system" in state finals.

Biogas plant Luchky with MWM gas engines

17.03.2014 | Belgorod

Russian Minister President Dmitry Medvedev visits the Luchky biogas plant in Belgorod.

MWM gas engines in cogeneration plant

22.01.2014 | Mannheim

Stadtwerke Zeitz deploys two MWM gas engines in its modernized CHP plant.

Interview: Optimization project gas engines

16.12.2013 | Mannheim

One week workshop "2016 Engine Assembly" aims at trimming warehousing and production times for gas engines.

Service with a system

08.12.2013 | Mannheim

The MWM Service Center in Berlin ensures smooth operations of over 500 CHP plants.

Cogeneration in Italy

27.11.2013 | Mannheim

Intergen with MWM gas engines one of the leading companies in the Italian market for cogeneration.

CHP plant with MWM gas engines

15.11.2013 | Mannheim

Municipal utility Stadtwerke Achim relies on MWM technology in modernized cogeneration plant. 

Name change: MWM GmbH to become Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH

08.10.2013 | Mannheim

The name change on November 1st solely affects the legal entity, the established MWM brand is being continued.

Start of the incoming 2013 trainees

06.09.2013 | Mannheim

At the beginning of September, 21 young people started out their professional lives at MWM, provider of highly efficient, eco-friendly cogeneration plants (CHP plants).

MWM container cogeneration plant in Ireland

20.08.2013 | Mannheim

Edina wins contracts for three high profile CHP projects in Ireland using MWM gas engines.

Landfill gas plant with MWM gensets

07.08.2013 | Mannheim

New CHP plant in Malatya, Turkey will generate 1.2 MW of power. 

Cogeneration in Malaysia

29.07.2013 | Mannheim

MWM to be pioneering in Malaysia, Lattermann says.

A success story in 1,108,000 operating hours

22.07.2013 | Mannheim

Cogeneration plant (CHP plant) at Munich Airport with MWM gas engines.

New container test facility put into operation

15.07.2013 | Mannheim

MWM recently put a new container test facility into operation for an investment of some € 1.5 million.

Go east: MWM now has a Russian website

08.07.2013 | Mannheim

Information about gas engines and cogeneration plants from MWM is now also available in Russian.

MWM Container Cogeneration Plant

01.07.2013 | Mannheim

British landfill operator Renewable Power Systems orders containerised CHP plant with MWM gas engine

„MWM-Planertage“ arouse great interest

24.06.2013 | Mannheim

A participant-record was achieved at the “MWM-Planertage” which took place at the beginning of June for the 5th time.

MWM employee newsletter receives award

19.06.2013 | Mannheim

The internal newsletter “power news” has been awarded both a FOX AWARD and a FOX VISUAL 2013.

MWM integrates with Caterpillar

10.06.2013 | Mannheim

MWM CEO Willy Schumacher in an interview with trade magazine Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

MWM gensets produce electricity in South Korea's largest bio gas power plant

30.05.2013 | Mannheim

Korea District Heating Corporatin gets two gas-powered gensets TCG 2020 V16.

Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt with new CCHP plant using MWM gas engines

14.05.2013 | Mannheim

Third combined cooling heat and power plant at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt.

KKB chooses MWM gas engines for its CHP plant

11.04.2013 | Mannheim

Biogas cogeneration plants offer additional revenues for agricultural enterprises.

Cogeneration ensures excellent growth perspectives

27.03.2013 | Mannheim

MWM CEO Willy Schumacher gave an outlook on the future development of his company and the industry it serves.

Tekno Energy power plant achieves higher efficiency with MWM gas engines

15.03.2013 | Mannheim

Six MWM gas engines will be used in the Tekno Energy’s modernized power plant in Bilecik, Turkey.

MWM Xchange Center opens in Spain

08.03.2013 | Mannheim

Xchange engines and parts are a faster and more economical alternative when it is time for a gas engine to be overhauled.

Cogeneration Plant of the Month

27.02.2013 | Mannheim

CHP plant in Essenheim equipped with MWM gas engine TCG 2020 V12 after modernization. 

Using biogas ... XXL-style

18.02.2013 | Mannheim

The TCG 2032 biogas engine has been shown to operate successfully for a total of 64,000 hours even in large cogeneration plants fueled with biogas.

Requirements for CHP plants per Medium-Voltage Guideline

07.02.2013 | Mannheim

The “Medium-Voltage Guideline” prescribes new rules for feeding the power produced by CHP plants into the grid.

CHP-plant with MWM gas engines

17.01.2013 | Mannheim

A brewery from Australia has ordered a 1200 kW gas-fired cogeneration plant. The plant’s reciprocating gas engines are supplied by MWM.

MWM Asia Pacific receives the 2012 Singapore Health Award in Bronze

07.01.2013 | Mannheim

At the end of November 2012 MWM Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. received the Singapore Health 2012 bronze health award.

MWM donates 10.000 Euro for children suffering from cancer

19.12.2012 | Mannheim

MWM managing director Willy Schumacher and director marketing Thoralf Lemke handed over a check to the universtity hospital's pediatric clinic.

“CHP Plant of the Year 2012” with MWM gas engines

15.12.2012 | Mannheim

The Hetlingen sewage plant’s combined heat and power (CHP) unit was awarded as “CHP plant of the year 2012” by the German trade magazine Energie & Management.

CHP-Ranking: MWM again No 1

16.11.2012 | Mannheim

MWM again is listed in the first place in the current combined heat and power plant ranking.

MWM keeping Jena-Pößneck warm

07.11.2012 | Jena-Pößneck

Two new MWM gas engines were installed in the municipal utility Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck’s cogeneration plant. Jena-TV aked why.

“CHP Plant of the Month October 2012” with MWM gas engines

22.10.2012 | Mannheim

The Hetlingen sewage plant’s combined heat and power (CHP) unit has been honored as the “CHP plant of the month October 2012” by the German trade magazine Energie & Management.

Skyfall: Caterpillar meets James Bond

19.10.2012 | Mannheim

This marks the cinematic encounter of two brands that today are already legendary icons: Caterpillar, the owner of MWM GmbH, and James Bond.

Interview with Dr. Ruprecht Lattermann

11.10.2012 | Mannheim

The Power Insider published an interview with Dr. Ruprecht Lattermann, Managing Director at MWM Asia Pacific.

Overhauled in just five days - Biogas plant Welsetal (MWM Newsflash)

10.10.2012 | Welsetal

Gas engines used in biogas plants generate maximum power day in and day out. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps keep cogen plants running efficiently.

MWM: Powering Papua New Guinea on gas

28.08.2012 | Mannheim

Port Moresby installed two MWM TCG 2020 V12K gas engines for power generation. 

Cogeneration at Düsseldorf International Airport

06.06.2012 | Mannheim

Reliable energy for the future – combined heat and power plant with gas engines and power generators from MWM.

Angela Merkel visits MWM at the Hannover Messe

23.04.2012 | Hanover

Angela Merkel and the Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao opened this year´s “Hannover Messe”.

New version of the TCG 2032 – greater efficiency with lower operating costs

26.03.2012 | Mannheim

Optimization of the biggest MWM gas engine (power generator)

The MWM model series – innovation and constant development

01.03.2012 | Mannheim

After two years of constant development, the new version of the TCG 2032 was launched in January 2012.

Caterpillar Completes Acquisition of MWM

01.11.2011 | Peoria, Illinois, USA

Caterpillar Inc. today announced it has finalized the purchase of MWM Holding GmbH from 3i.

U.S.-based Exergy Group Opts for MWM as Engine Supplier

10.06.2011 | Mannheim

The North American subsidiary of the traditional company MWM from Mannheim, Germany, recently received an order for four engines for two biogas plants ("Double B" and "Swager Farms") of the Exergy Group in Idaho.

MWM Planner Days 2011

12.05.2011 | Mannheim

This year's planner days ‒ which were held for the third time ‒ attracted numerous planners from the fields of renewable energies, contracting, and CHP plant engineering.

Optimized TCG 2016 C Genset with Improved Efficiency for Biogas Operation

09.05.2011 | Mannheim

At the Genera 2011, one of Spain's leading energy and environment trade shows, MWM will present an optimized version of the TCG 2016 series whose efficiency has been increased especially for biogas.

Sugar Manufacturer Opts for MWM

08.07.2010 | Mannheim

The tradition-rich manufacturer MWM from Mannheim, Germany, is considered one of the world's leading specialists in the production, sale, and servicing of gas gensets for decentralized energy supply. The MWM container line, which is deployed worldwide in the natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas, and other special gas segments, is especially characterized by high efficiency and economy. For example, the project of CSM Suiker in the Netherlands is an unusual reference for such a container plant. The company, which is situated near Groningen, is one of the country's largest sugar manufacturers and is specialized in the development of sugar-based products for the domestic market.

MWM Wins European Media Award

28.05.2010 | Mannheim

At the recent WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg, MWM GmbH from Mannheim, Germany garnered the international intermedia-globe 2010 silver award for the best film in the documentation/point of sale category. With impressive pictures, the documentary "60 MW around the world" showed the production of 15 TCG 2032 gas gensets at the plant of MWM GmbH and their subsequent journey of 10,000 miles to Bangladesh. The film focused on the production at the MWM plant, the handling at the Hamburg port, and various stages in the country of destination.

MWM Container ‒ The One-Stop Solution

29.04.2010 | Mannheim

In addition to the recent expansion of the product range with the new genset TCG 2020 K, MWM from Mannheim, Germany, now wants to increase its presence in the field of complete turnkey systems. In this context, the company has introduced the new MWM container, a highly efficient and economic system designed especially for natural gas and biogas applications.

Planner Days 2010 at MWM

27.04.2010 | Mannheim

The Planner Days 2010 were recently held by invitation of the manufacturer MWM in Mannheim, Germany. About 50 engineers and planners from the fields of renewable energy, contracting, and CHP plant planning attended the two-day event, which was held for the second time.

MWM ‒ Chinese Web Site Online

21.04.2010 | Mannheim

In mid-April, a new Web site of MWM GmbH in Chinese went live. However, the new domain with the Internet address is not merely a Chinese translation of the corporate Web site In addition to general information about the Mannheim-based company, the site also features special content elements for the Chinese market. The site contents are also available in English.

MWM Presents New Genset TCG 2020 K

20.04.2010 | Mannheim

Following the successful introduction of several efficiency enhancement packages for all three gas genset series, the Mannheim-based company MWM has now introduced the new TCG 2020 K. The natural gas-powered engine is highly robust, suitable for isolated operation, and features the same output values along with increased inlet air temperatures and setup heights as for ISO conditions, which is especially valuable for deployment in Asia and tropical countries.

MWM at the EnerExpo in Vietnam

28.01.2010 | Mannheim

The EnerExpo that will be held from March 17 to 19 in Hanoi, Vietnam, is an international specialized exhibition for renewable and decentralized energy solutions of the global energy, power, and supplier industry, offering an attractive market platform for the first time. The list of exhibitors includes MWM (Germany), which will feature a booth in the German Pavilion, an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


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